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School Halloween Party

28th Oct
Spider Nugget

Spider Nugget enjoying some food and fun at his Halloween Party

It was a good first halloween party. There were many great costumes for kids and parents and our little spiderman spent more time mesmerized by everyone else than participating in the chaos of ghosts and goblins running amuck.

The haunted house was most memorable. After a 10 minute wait in line we were finally set to enter into the haunted house. The witch greeting us at the door asked nugget if he wanted the scary or non-scary version. Feeling overwhelmed and shy he quickly answered “No scary”. The witch drew a little orange line on his finger and pointed us to stage right explaining the non-scary was through the curtain. We went through the curtain just to find the exit and we were back in the gym. Feeling slightly ripped off nugget decided he wanted to do the scary version. After another 5 minute wait we were set to enter again and the witch asks, scary or non-scary. This time nugget decided scary, even after being asked twice if he was sure, he wanted scary. Now after getting a bigger black mark on his hand which was referred to as the big boy mark for the rest of the night, we were set to enter.
We didn’t get more than five steps in before the first thing jumped out at him. He took it like a champ but was immediately on guard. As we got deeper in the haunted house I felt a tighter squeeze that went from my hand to my leg. Mad doctors laughing over mutilated body parts and screams coming from every corner; Sean was eventually frozen in fear. As I dragged him into the last room of the haunted house I could sense the permanent damaging being done to a some what innocent mind, and once the zombie kids started surrounding us I felt picking him up and running him out the door would be the only way to save what would be left of his sanity. Once out and back into the general population of screaming kids I looked into his deer in the headlights stare and asked if he was ok. He stared for a second and slowly grinned, then yelled…”That was so cool!”. After whimper to go again I figured enough damage was done and I’m pretty sure he agreed as there wasn’t much complaining when I said once was enough.

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